Quillayute River system tributaries are closed due to low water

Action:  Closes the Sol Duc, Bogachiel, Calawah, and Dickey rivers and all their tributaries, and upper 475 yards of the to all fishing.

Effective date:   Aug. 1, 2015, until further notice.

Species affected:  All species. 

Location:  The Dickey River, Sol Duc River, Calawah River, Bogachiel River and all tributaries. The Quillayute River from the confluence of the Sol Duc and Bogachiel Rivers downstream 475 yards to fluorescent orange paint on rocks.

Reason for action:  Low water and higher than normal water temperatures are causing a delay in migration and increased stress on wild salmon returning to the Quillayute system, making them more vulnerable to fishing pressure.  This is likely to remain a problem until stream flows increase. The Quileute Tribe has also closed its fishery for two weeks, and will re-assess the situation at that time.  These closures are needed to protect wild chinook and coho salmon.

Information contact:  Mike Gross, District 16 Fish Biologist, (360) 249-1210 or David Low, Fish Biologist (360) 249-4628 ext. 1216

Wishkah River

wishkah river

Flows into the east end of Grays Harbor at Aberdeen.

Take U.S.12 to Aberdeen and turn right on Wishkah Road which parallels the river.

Aberdeen has all you amenitites.

Big Mouth John’s Tackle

Winter Steelhead, Coho and Chinook Salmon, Resident and Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout, and Seaperch

Fishing the Wishkah:
Though only one valley away from the Hoquiam, the Wishkah is a much better salmon and steelhead river, thanks to its better fish habitat and access to the water. Though your chances of hooking a keeper chinook aren’t all that great, work your way up Wishkah Road to the mouth of the West Fork Wishkah during October and November and you just might locate a Coho or two.
The winter steelheading is up and down from year to year, but some season the Wishkah will give up 150-200 fish. The best part of fishing the river is that the steelhead fishing remains pretty consistent from December until the end of the season in March.
Sea-Run Cutthroat is fair in the river in the month of October. Like the nearby Hoquiam, the regulations call for the release of all wild non-clipped Cutthroats.

Grays River

grays river 1

Enters the Lower Columbia River west of Skamokawa.

Take Highway 4 west from Cathlamet or east from Naselle. To reach much of the middle portion of the river, take Loop Road south off the highway (midway between the town of Grays River, and the highway bridge over the river), or turn south on Highway 403 near Rosburg to reach the lower river.

Illwaco, the nearest town of any size, is about 20 miles to the southeast and offers all your amenities. About 30 miles to the west is Fort Canby State Park, which has tent and RV sites, restrooms with showers, and a small store.


Winter Steelhead, Sea-Run Cutthroat, Resident Cutthroat, Chinook, and Coho Salmon.

Fishing the Grays River:
Once a pretty well respected winter steelhead stream, the Gray’s has slipped a few notches over the years. Although stocked with 40,000 to 50,000 steelhead smolts a year, the steelhead catch bumps up and down every year from 150-400 fish a winter. That’s probably a ray of hope for the visiting angler. When the few steelhead that return from their ocean adventures usually occurs in the months of December and January. Fall salmon fishing is a whole lot worse and is only open in certain areas. There can be some excellent cutthroat fishing in the months of October and November. I would stick with fishing a nightcrawler behind a slip sinker with a minimum of a 48″ leader.


2014 Northwest Salmon Derby Series


Welcome to the Northwest Salmon Derby Series
The Northwest Salmon Derby Series, presented by Allstate Boat Insurance and Northwest GMC Dealers, is a fishing promotion program directed by the Northwest Marine Trade Association – producers of the Seattle Boat Show. In 2014, the Northwest Salmon Derby Series partners with 15 derbies throughout the region to promote fishing opportunities and events. At the conclusion of the Everett Coho Derby in September*, the Derby Series will award the grand prize boat to one lucky winner!

Mercury Marine Salmon Derby Challenge
Mercury Marine is proud to be the exclusive engine sponsor of the 2014 Northwest Salmon Derby Series. Mercury is announcing a new contingency program – the “Mercury Marine Salmon Derby Challenge!” At each of the 15 tournaments, Mercury will award the following prizes to the Top 3 finishers in each derby if their boat is equipped primarily by Mercury outboard engines (2009 or newer):

  • $3,000 for first place
  • $2,000 for second place
  • $1,000 for third place

2014 Northwest Salmon Derby Series Schedule

  • ROCHE HARBOR SALMON CLASSIC, February 6-8 Information: Website Phone: 360-378-5562 E-mail: market@rocheharbor.com Kids Division: No
  • OLYMPIC PENINSULA SALMON DERBY, DISCOVERY BAY, February 15-17 Information: Website E-mail: mldtatum@embarqmail.com Kids Division: No
  • EVERETT BLACKMOUTH DERBY, BAYSIDE MARINE, March 22 Information: Website Phone: 425-501-4024 E-mail: wowoody1@yahoo.com Kids Division: No
  • BELLINGHAM SALMON DERBY, July 11-13 Information: Website Phone: 360-966-2621 E-mail: roylentz@zeninternet.com Kids Division: Yes
  • HARBOR MARINE SALMON TOURNAMENT, EVERETT July 26-27 Information: Website Phone: 425-259-3285 E-mail: james@harbormarine.net Kids Division: No
  • SOUTH KING COUNTY PSA SALMON DERBY, PT DEFIANCE, August 2 Information: Website Phone: 206-387-9293 E-mail: twiest@sooscreek.com Kids Division: Yes
  • GIG HARBOR PSA SALMON DERBY, August 9 Information: Website Phone: 253-255-8168 E-mail:jeff@zuniga-family.com Kids Division: Yes
  • SOUTH SOUND SALMON DERBY, OLYMPIA, August 16 Information: Phone: 360-250-9808 E-mail: bartoldo@yahoo.com Kids Division: Yes
  • SEKIU SALMON DERBY, August 23-24 Information:Coming Soon
  • WILLAPA BAY SALMON DERBY, TOKELAND, August 30 Information: E-mail: dfdbones@aol.com Kids Division: No
  • COLUMBIA RIVER FALL SALMON DERBY, VANCOUVER, August 30 Information: Facebook Page, Website Phone: 360-256-3935 E-mail RGI@q.com Kids Division: Yes
  • EDMONDS COHO DERBY, September 6 Information: Website Phone: 206-920-2468 E-mail :tdstumpf@yahoo.com Kids Division: Yes
  • * EVERETT COHO DERBY, September 20-21 Information: Website Phone: 425-923-8405 E-mail: everettcohoderby@gmail.com Kids Division: Yes
  • BAYSIDE MARINE SALMON DERBY, EVERETT, November 1-2 Information: Website Phone: 425-252-3088 E-mail: jeff@baysidemarine.com Kids Division: No
  • RESURRECTION SALMON DERBY, FRIDAY HARBOR, December 5-6 Information: Website Phone: 360-202-2664 E-mail:chris@jollymonanacortes.com Kids Division: No

* Drawing for Grand Prize Derby Series Boat will be held at Everett Coho Derby, September 21st. Anglers participating in derby events after September 21 will be entered to win the 2015 Series grand prize.

Focused on Salmon Recovery

The Northwest Salmon Derby Series, presented by Allstate Boat Insurance and Northwest GMC Dealers, was created in 2004 by the Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) for the purpose of promoting salmon fishing opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. In the first year of the Series, six existing derbies were identified to become partners of the Series. Since that year, the Series has expanded to 15 tournaments in 2014.

Carefully and selectively, the Series has been very keen to partner with derbies that are wild fish friendly. Each event occurs within the guidelines of open fishing seasons that occur at a time of the year and area where hatchery chinook and coho salmon exist. In fact, some of the tournaments have gone to “hatchery fish only” even during times and places where retention of unmarked chinook and coho are acceptable for retention in accordance with the Department of Fish and Wildlife rules.

We, at the Northwest Salmon Derby Series and NMTA, are a partner to the protection and enhancement of wild chinook and coho stocks. We encourage anglers to fish selectively and carefully to release unmarked chinook and coho salmon, particularly when the rules require release.

By working with government agencies to protect wild stocks, while accessing abundant hatchery salmon, we believe this formula is the road map to the future of sport fishing for salmon in the Pacific Northwest.


More than 1.2 million coho expected in Washington waters this summer!

This years prediction of coho abundance in 2014 that is almost three times larger than last year.

The forecast calls for 1,213,700 coho to arrive off the Washington coast, compared to a preseason forecast of 716,400 last year, when 445,300 actually returned.

These coho are the bread and butter for coastal and Columbia River fisheries, and just waxes figures since 2009.

The forecast in 2009 called for 1.2 million coho, with an actual return of about 1.05 million in what was deemed as a “wonderful ocean coho fishery season.”

Last year, the ocean sport fishery off the Washington coast had a sport catch hatchery coho quota of 78,760, and has hovered about 80,000 for the past four years.

This should give fisheries managers plenty of wiggle room to create some fairly decent fishing seasons off the coast at the ports of Neah Bay, La Push, Westport and Ilwaco, as well as those headed up the Columbia River.

Westport Marina’s Salmon Derby

Westport, Washington Boat Basin and Marina

Westport’s “Boat Basin Salmon Derby” offers chance to win up to $2,000
Annual fishing contest offers cash and prizes for the largest Chinook and Coho salmon caught inside the marina,s walls.

Westport, Washington – The coastal town of Westport welcomes returning salmon for the annual Boat Basin Salmon Derby scheduled to run from Sept. 15 until Oct. 31.

No derby ticket needed !

This year’s derby starts this Sunday, Sept. 15, and will end on Oct. 31. Participants are not required to purchase tickets to participate in the derby. Fishers will, instead, enter their catches for free and vie for merchandise and services prizes provided by local merchants.

Fish are weighed ‘in the round. Just get down there, start casting, land your salmon and take it directly to this year’s Westport Marina Salmon Derby weigh-in station at the floating Seafood Connection Market on Float 8, Slip G nearby.

Salmon Tales Derby

There will be an additional derby held on September 28 and 29 during the Salmon Tales Festival. If you catch a fish inside the boat basin during that time, take it to the Maritime Museum Gazebo to weigh in for the special derby competition.

Generational Derby

Another special weekend Derby also is planned for Oct 5 & 6. Age-appropriate prizes will be awarded to winning two- or three-person teams consisting of at least one adult and one child. Again, it’s free and there’s no need to sign up until you bring your fish in for weighing.

Derby rules:

• All salmon must be caught in the Westport Boat Basin. Fishing is open seven days a week, with a state-mandated allowable catch of 6 salmon (no more than 4 adults) that are 12 inches or more in length. Note that Grays Harbor is closed for Chinook other than in the Westport Marina.

• Contestants must land their own fish using sport fishing tackle.

• Help with netting or gaffing is permitted.

• Fish that are snagged, netted or caught by other illegal methods will be disqualified.

• The Seafood Connection judges will have the final decision in all cases. Prizes will be awarded for the largest salmon, judged by weight. In the case of a tie, the winner will be judged by length. Only one prize per fisher will be awarded.

Weigh-in rules

• Seafood Connection is the official weigh-in station. It is located on Float 8, Slip G.

• All salmon will be weighed in between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m., seven days a week.

• Following weigh-in, participants may not field-dress their fish on any float, the marina bankline or discard any fish parts into marina waters.

Violation of any rule is subject to suspension from the competition.

Derby winners

Winners will be determined at the close of the Derby at 5 p.m. on Oct. 31, and they will be notified by phone, email or mail by Nov. 10.

Prizes will be awarded for the top three fish of the season in the Adult Division, as well as for the top fish in the Junior Division – ages 15 and under.

The returning Westport salmon were fingerlings reared in pens three years ago and released under the direction of Ocosta High School conservation classes and the Humptulips Hatchery. After their time at sea, the salmon come back into the Marina – with the Coho salmon returning now.
You don’t need a boat, you can just a fish from the dock.

Last year’s winning Coho weighed in at more than 17.5 lbs !

I was down at the marina last year and you could see salmon schools with literally tens of thousands of fish just off the floats over by the Half Moon Bay Bar and Grill. This derby promises to be an excellent year for anglers as well. There is a limit of six fish, four adults and two jacks.”

Edmonds Coho Derby Results 2013

This years winner was little ten year old Essix Kelly with her 11lb 8.16oz fish. All fish had to be gutted and gilled before weigh-in. This little girls fish was most likely around 14 pounds!

Essix Kelly 2013 Edmonds Coho Derby Winner!

20th place fish out of 395 fish weighed!, Good for a new 9′ Fenwick Salmon Rod!

20th place edmonds coho derby shawn calkins with lip rippers fishing

Well it turned out to be a good day on the water for some, and not so good for others. As reported the pinks being late by two weeks, I’m thinking the silvers are also late as well. With 395 fish being weighed at the derby there was only 10 hooked-nose silvers all in the ten to eleven pound range. The good news was that there where over 1,000 entries. I was lucky enough to finish 20th place, and won a sweet new Fenwick salmon rod! Here is a link to the final results. Tight lines and onto Grays Harbor for 10 days!


My father and I’s limits Friday night and Saturday’s derby out of Edmonds.

edmonds coho derby 2013