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  1. April 3, 2015
    The Colville Resident Fish Hatchery and Rufus Woods Creel and Supplementation staff released 9,668 triploid rainbow trout into Rufus Woods Lake on Thursday, March 26. The fish average 1.75 to 2 pounds each and can be identified by the absence of an adipose fin.
    Approximately 25 percent of these fish were implanted with a grey floy tag.
    Anglers that retain tagged fish are encouraged to report the tag at or by calling the Colville Tribes’ Fish and Wildlife Department at (509) 634.2110. Please provide the tag number and information related to the catch (e.g., date, location, boat or shore fishing, and approximate size). This information assists fisheries biologists in managing annual fish releases into Rufus Woods Lake.

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