More than 1.2 million coho expected in Washington waters this summer!

This years prediction of coho abundance in 2014 that is almost three times larger than last year.

The forecast calls for 1,213,700 coho to arrive off the Washington coast, compared to a preseason forecast of 716,400 last year, when 445,300 actually returned.

These coho are the bread and butter for coastal and Columbia River fisheries, and just waxes figures since 2009.

The forecast in 2009 called for 1.2 million coho, with an actual return of about 1.05 million in what was deemed as a “wonderful ocean coho fishery season.”

Last year, the ocean sport fishery off the Washington coast had a sport catch hatchery coho quota of 78,760, and has hovered about 80,000 for the past four years.

This should give fisheries managers plenty of wiggle room to create some fairly decent fishing seasons off the coast at the ports of Neah Bay, La Push, Westport and Ilwaco, as well as those headed up the Columbia River.


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