Edmonds Coho Derby Results 2013

This years winner was little ten year old Essix Kelly with her 11lb 8.16oz fish. All fish had to be gutted and gilled before weigh-in. This little girls fish was most likely around 14 pounds!

Essix Kelly 2013 Edmonds Coho Derby Winner!

20th place fish out of 395 fish weighed!, Good for a new 9′ Fenwick Salmon Rod!

20th place edmonds coho derby shawn calkins with lip rippers fishing

Well it turned out to be a good day on the water for some, and not so good for others. As reported the pinks being late by two weeks, I’m thinking the silvers are also late as well. With 395 fish being weighed at the derby there was only 10 hooked-nose silvers all in the ten to eleven pound range. The good news was that there where over 1,000 entries. I was lucky enough to finish 20th place, and won a sweet new Fenwick salmon rod! Here is a link to the final results. Tight lines and onto Grays Harbor for 10 days!


My father and I’s limits Friday night and Saturday’s derby out of Edmonds.

edmonds coho derby 2013



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