Moclips River


Sea-Run Cutthroat and Winter Steelhead
Flows into the Pacific Ocean at Moclips
Take Highway 109 west out of Hoquiam and follow it up the coast 30 miles to Moclips and the mouth of the river. The only road leading east out of town parallels the south side of the river.
The nearest place to find all of your amenities is Ocean Shores, 17 miles to the south, but Moclips has lodging, RV parks, groceries, gas and tackle.
Rules and Regulations:
See your Washington State fishing handbook for further updated rules and regulations.
Fishing the Moclips River:
Although this coastal stream is open during the winter months to allow for a steelhead season, the winter fishery doesn’t really amount to anything. In fact there where years in the 90’s that Fish and Game recorded no winter steelhead catches. For most people the Moclips River is to far away and the steelheading is too poor for the drive. Now on the other hand the fall fishing for Sea-Run Cutthroat can be a worthwhile endeavor. Like many other streams around the Gray’s Harbor area, the best cutthroat fishing occurs within 24 hours of the end of a heavy rain that causes a good rise in water levels. Roll a nightcrawler or a small cluster of salmon roe along the bottom to catch them and preferably on an incoming tide.



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