2013 Washington Coast Salmon Season


North of Falcon Rock to Tatoosh Island

  • The PFMC yesterday approved a recreational chinook catch quota of 48,000 fish, slightly lower than last year’s quota of 51,500.
  • The PFMC, which establishes fishing seasons in ocean waters three to 200 miles off the Pacific coast, also adopted a quota of 74,760 coho for this year’s recreational ocean fishery, about 5,000 fish higher than last year’s quota.
  • The recreational salmon fishing season in marine areas 3 (LaPush) and 4 (Neah Bay) will begin with two short openings for hatchery chinook, May 10-11 and May 17-18. The mark-selective fishery for hatchery chinook in those two marine areas will then reopen June 22 and run seven days a week through June 28. Mark selective fisheries for hatchery chinook will be open seven days a week June 8-June 22 in Marine Area 2 (Westport/Ocean Shores) and June 8-June 21 in Marine Area 1 (Ilwaco).
  • In all areas, anglers will have a daily limit of two salmon, except anglers must release wild coho and wild chinook. The fisheries could close earlier if a coastwide quota of 8,000 hatchery chinook is reached.
  • Recreational ocean salmon fisheries for chinook and hatchery coho will continue June 22 in Marine Area 1, June 23 in Marine Area 2 and June 29 in marine areas 3 and 4. Anglers will have a daily limit of two salmon in marine areas 3 and 4. Those fishing marine areas 1 and 2 also will have a two-salmon daily limit, but can keep only one chinook per day.
  • The fishery will be open daily in marine areas 1, 3 and 4, while Marine Area 2 will be open Sunday through Thursday. Anglers also will be allowed to retain two additional pink salmon in marine areas 3 and 4.

Saturday, June 8 – Saturday, June 22 (15 days)
• Chinook selective fishery (hatchery only)
• 7-days per week
• 2 fish bag limit (24” size limit)
• 8,000 Chinook quota coast-wide

Sunday, June 23 – September 30 or quota reached
• All species (Chinook, Coho(hatchery only), Pink)
• 5-days per week, Sunday through Thursday
• 2 fish bag limit (only 1 may be a Chinook)


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