Fish Lake



Rainbow and Brown Trout, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, and Yellow Perch.

Northeast of Lake Wenatchee, near the town of Leavenworth.

Take U.S.2 over Stevens Pass or east from Wenatchee and turn north on Highway 207 about 14 miles northwest of Wenatchee. Stay on Highway 207 past the intersection of Highway 209 and over the river on the steel bridge, and then bear right at the Y. From there it’s a short distance to the lake, which is on the left.


The lake has no public boat launch ramp, but for a small fee, you can launch at the Cover Resort, which also has rental boats as pictured above, cabins, RV sites, and tent sites. There is a small Cafe with good food on U.S.2, just west of the Highway 207 intersection. Food, gas, tackle, and lodging are available in Leavenworth.

This is a 500 acre lake that has a reputation for trophy Brown Trout.

Rules and Regultions
See your Washington State fish and game rules and regulation pamphlet for up to date information. The lake is open year around, and boasts ice fishing in the winter.


Fishing Fish Lake
This 500-actre lake has a reputation for its trophy-class browns, some which top five pounds. Now and them some one lands a really big one, in the 8-10 pound range. As with any trophy fishery, it’s more complicated than going out, catching a couple of monsters, and going home. Trollers usually drap Rapalas and other minnnow-imitating pluga around for hours at a time between strikes, and the fly anglers who work the west end and north and south sides od the lake with various streamers and wet-flies typically go longer between one fish to the next. Of course, if the next fish turns out to be a 5 pounder, it’s always worth the wait and extra effort.
The rainbows are more cooperative and dependable than the browns. Spring trolling or drifting with the wind, using a small string of gang trolls ahead of a Wedding Spinner, Triple Teaser or a worm, may catch you a quick limit of fat 12 inchers. The rainbow fishery can be good almost all year, even during the winter, when anglers commonly catch nice fish through the ice.
Most anglers come to Fish Lake for the trout fishing, but if you stay more than a day and don’t try to catch a mess of perch, you’re missing out on some good eating. The perch are also in a biting mood throughout the year, and some anglers brave winter storms and icy roads just to fish them through the ice of January. Although always good eating, a yellow perch caught in the winter is the best of all, and when they run nine to 12 inches, as they do here, they’re almost worth risking your neck on treacherous highways.
The lake also offers largemouth and smallmouth bass, although numbers are’nt as good as they once where. But you still stand a chance of catching a big fish of either species.

Josh Kato caught this German Brown on a 7 wt fly rod on Fish Lake, September 19,2012. 28” 8 pounds.


Dave Graybill with two nice Triploids



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