Palouse River


Small and Large Mouth Bass, Channel Catfish, Walleye, Crappie, Rainbow Trout
Joins the Snake River at Lyons Ferry on the Columbia River, in Walla Walla County.
Take Highway 260 east from Connel for 21 miles and turn south on Highway 261 to reach the lower Palouse and Palouse Falls. The best access to upper portions of the river is to take Endicott Road, which is reached by driving west from Colfax about 4 miles on Highway 26 and turning north on Endicott Road.
Lyons Ferry State Park and Palouse Falls State Park both have several dozen tent sites, plus restrooms, showers, picnic areas, and other amenities. Food, gas, tackle, and lodging are available in Colfax.
Fishing the Palouse River:
Although the main Palouse and its north and south forks wind through more than 125 miles of eastern Washington’s rolling country side, making it one of the states longest rivers, much of its length has nothing to offer anglers. The river is downright beautiful in places, especially around Palouse Falls, just a few miles upstream from the river’s confluence with the Snake at Lyons Ferry. But even though the river is open year around to fishing, there isn’t much angling pressure or activity. Night fishing around the mouth can produce some wonderful catfishing (as seen in the pictures below) some with respectable size. There are also some small mouth bass and crappie to be had also in the lower portion of the river, but it seems the other 120 or so miles of the river is for scenic viewing rather than fishing. The months of April and May seem to be the time frame to score some walleye in the 10-20 ft range, slow troll, cloudy water,various plugs spinners, and large worms seem to be the trick. Pat attention to the Palouse water level it fluxuates from 6 ft to 6 in in a heart beat. There is a good tackle store in the town of Starbuck that will have some insight on how things are fishing. When it’s windy for get fishing in a boat just bank fish.




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