Wynoochee River


Winter and Summer Run Steelhead, Chinook, Coho, and Chum Salmon, Sea-Run Cutthroat
Joins the Chehalis River at Montesano
Take Highway 8 (U.S.12) west from Olympia for 31 miles and turn north (right) on Devonshire Road, about 1.5 miles past Montesano.
Several boat ramps are located on Wynoochee Road. Montesano has everything you would need for amenities. Wynoochee Road provides access for both boat and bank anglers. A boat ramp is located about 3 miles upriver from U.S.12 near Black Creek, and another can be found about 6 miles upstream. There are 3 or 4 more drift boat launches farther upstream.
Smolt Plants:
In 2010 there where 170,000 winter-run steelhead smolts released and 61,065 summer-run smolts released. The majority of the adult returns from these releases are expected during the 2012-2013 winter and 2013 summer seasons.
Fishing the Wynoochee:
Although it doesn’t get the praise or publicity as many other Washington steelhead rivers, the lower basin of the Chehalis River system producse steelhead 10 months a year, and its closed April and May. The annual sport catch exceeds 3,000 fish a year, from both winter and summer-runs. If you don’t have the luxury of fishing the Wynoochee throughout the year, concentrate on these two months for steelhead: March and June, these months seem to be the heaviest fish takers according to the statistics of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.
Fall fishing for salmon is fair to good on the Wynoochee, with a few monster chinooks taken on roe-clusters or ghost shrimp in October and large numbers of coho on spinners and wobbly spoons in November. Most fall chinooks that enter the Wynoochee to spawn are heading for the mainstem Wynoochee River above RM 10.5 and in Carter, Schafer and Helm creeks. Small numbers of spawners are seen in Big and Anderson creeks.
Sea-run Cutthroat fishing gets under way on the Wynoochee as early as the middle of July and runs well into the fall. The best fishing is in September and October, especially right after a drenching rain that raises the river level a few inches. This is only a fin-clipped hatchery fishery.
Fishing is also open above the reservoir up to the base of the Wynoochee Falls during the winter seasons. For all areas above the 7400 Bridge, fishing from any floating devices is prohibited and selected gear rules are in effect. A good day in October on the Wynoochee might look like this:

Here’s a short video fishing the Wynoochee River for Fall King Salmon

Here is your link for the Wynoochee River flow:


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