Naselle River

Winter Steelhead, Chinook, Coho, and Chum Salmon, Sea-Run and Resident Cutthroat
Enters at the southeast corner of Willipa Bay
Take Highway 4 west from Longview to Nasalle, or drive south from Southbend on U.S.101, turn southeast on Highway 4, and drive about 6 miles to Naselle.
You will find food, gas, and a campground in Nasalle. Long Beach has all othe city amenities.
Fishing the Naselle River:
It’s not a big river, but the Nasalle is a consistent producer of good winter steelhead and fall salmon catches. Hatchery stocked steelhead pour into the river throughout the winter, providing the possibility of good fishing from December until the end of March. Roads upstream and downstream from Highway 4 offer lots of bank fishing access throughout the winter.
Chinook fishing salmon can be excellent for both boat and bank anglers on the lower Nasalle in September and early October, and even bigger runs of coho moves into the river as the chinook fishing slows. Some large chums join in for the added variety and excitement about the same time the silver’s show. The river is usually full of Cutthroat from August through September.


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