Pysht River

Winter Steelhead and Sea-Run Cutthroat
Enters the Straight of Juan de Fuca at Pysht, east of Clallam Bay.
Take U.S.101 to Sappho and turn north on Highway 113, which crosses the river about a half mile south of Highway 112 intersection. Turn left on the gravel road just south of the bridge to follow the river upstream. To follow the river downstream, turn east (right) on Highway 112.
Clallam Bay, about 10 miles to the north, has food, gas, lodging, tackle, and RV spots.
Fishing the Pysht River:
Ok first off you need to learn how to pronounce the rivers name. When as a kid and even for years after that I would call the river Pie-shit, now as a grown up we pronounce the river as “Pisht”. Anyway, the Pysht is a little river that depends on annual steelhead plants of 10,000 to 20,000 fish for its livelihood. During a typical winter, anglers catch anywheres from 100 to 200 fish. Since they’re hatchery steelhead, most come back during the months of December and January. In skimming the steelhead figures compiled by WDFG that a fair number of anglers catch fish in March, the problem is that the river closes at the end of February. Hmmmmm…..


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