Tokul Creek

Tokul Creek to open early for hatchery steelhead, other gamefish!


Early Opening for Tokul Creek from the Fish Hatchery Road Bridge to the posted cable boundary marker downstream of the hatchery intake for trout and other gamefish.

Effective date: 7:00 a.m, Dec 21, 2012 through Feb, 15, 2013

Species affected: Trout, hatchery steelhead and other game fish.

Location: Enters the Snoqualmie River southeast of Falls City. Opening for winter-run steelhead this Friday from the Fish Hatchery Road Bridge upstream to the posted cable boundary marker below the hatchery intake.

Reasons for action: This section of Tokul Creek is closed in the permanent regulations until Jan.15 to allow for winter steelhead broodstock collection at the Tokul Creek Hatchery. The Tokul Creek Hatchery facility is ahead of schedule collecting winter steelhead broodstock allowing for expanded fishing opportunity in Tokul Creek.

Other information: Tokul Creek remains open from the mouth to the downstream edge of the Fish Hatchery Road Bridge as listed in the fishing rules pamphlet. Tokul Creek is closed to fishing daily from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. Anti-snagging rules are in effect. Trout minimum length is 14 inches. All sections of Tokul Creek will close Feb. 16, 2012 to protect wild steelhead.

Take Interstate 90 to Preston and drive north to Fall City or take Highway 202 from Redmond to Fall City, cross the river, and turn right to continue on Highway 202 upstream to Tokul Creek.
Food and gas are available in Fall City. The nearest lodging is in Snoqualmie and North Bend, and the closest tackle store is in North Bend.
Fishing Tokul Creek:
This is one of the few places that I know of that not only allows, but invites anglers to come fish within a few yards of their destination at a state operated facility. As you might guess, there’s nothing to pleasant about this fishery, with anglers crowding the shores, and combat fishing starts.
Tokul Creek goes like hell between the fishing boundary and the stream’s confluence with the Snoqualmie River, with nothing that really looks like holding water familiar to most steelheaders. The fast water also makes for tricky fishing conditions, let alone landing a big hatchery buck. Its often a matter of setting the hook and running downstream in attempt to keep up with the fish. Several hundred fish will be caught in the next few months, so if your in the area give it a try.

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