Lyre River, Olympic Penninsula

Winter and Summer Run Steelhead, Sea-Run Cutthroat
Enters the Straight of Juan de Fuca west of the town of Joyce
Take Highway 112 off of U.S.101 about three miles west of Port Angeles and follow it west about 15 miles to the river.
A campground/RV park near the mouth of the river has a small grocery store, showers, and a laundry facility. All othe amenities are available in Port Angeles.
Fishing the Lyre River:
This may not be the world’s shortest river, but it’s darn close. The entire Lyre River, from its headwaters in the crystal clear Lake Crescent to its confluence withe the Straight of Juan de Fuca, its a grand total of five miles long. And the distance the steelhead can travel up the river is even shorter, thanks to an impassible waterfall about three miles up the river, from its mouth.
For its size, though, the Lyre is a productive Steelhead stream, especially in the winter. Liberal doses of hatchery steelhead smolts provide anglers with the chance to catch about 300 fish a season in the winter, most of the landings are in the month of December and January. The best fishing is right after a big rain storm, and I mean right after. The river drops and clears into fishing form almost immediately after a rain storm.
The Summer-Run Steelhead fishery here is not a big deal, providing maybe 30 to 40 fish during an average summer season, low clear water makes it tough on the fishing.


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