Kettle River

Rainbow Trout, Mountain Whitefish, and Walleye
Enters the north end of Lake Roosevelt north of Kettle Falls
Take U.S.395 north from Kettle Falls to parallel the west of the river all the way to the Canadian border.
The highway provides a great deal of access to the river. Food, gas, tackle, lodging are available in Kettle Falls, with limited facilities in several small towns along the river.
Fishing the Kettle River:
Once the scene of some pretty good spring and fall trout fishing, the Kettle now has some specific fishing regulations in place to save the native rainbows of the river, especially at spawning time. While most of the river is open year around to fishing, it’s catch and release only from November through May. Selective fishery regulations are in effect above the Napoleon Bridge throughout the year. Those no bait and barbless hook regulations don’t apply to anglers fishing specifically for Whitefish in the winter. That’s good, because the Kettle River offers some of the best Whitefish fishing in Washington in February and March. If you fish the lower end of the river, where it flows into Lake Roosevelt, don’e be to surprised if you catch a Walleye or two for you efforts. Trolling a spinner and worm combination or a diving plug near the bottom is most likely to take these sweat-eating members of the perch family.

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