Icicle (Creek) River


Chinook Salmon, Summer Run Steelhead, and Rainbow Trout
Southwest of Leavenworth
Take U.S.2 to Leavenworth, turn left on Icicle Road to parallel the lower end of the river. Icicle Road (Forest Service Road 7600) continues upstream some 15 miles past the national fish hatchery on the lower end of the creek.
Seven U.S. Forest Service campgrounds are scattered along the creek, all with campsites. Working upstream, Eightmile Campground has 45 sites, Bridge Creek has six, Johnny Creek has 56, Ida Creek Campground has 10, Chatter Creek Campground has 12, Rock Island Campground has 22, and Blackpine Creek Horse Camp has 8. There’s also a large private RV Resort and Campground about 3 miles up Icicle Road. Motels, Bed and Breakfast’s, gas, food, groceries and tackle are all located in the town of Leavenworth.
Fishing Icicle Creek:
Impressive returns of hatchery-run spring chinook salmon really put the Icicle River on the map in the 1990’s, but it also drew some large crowds. This river is basically about a two mile fishery and can get congested real easy. When it is hot, it can give up its share of 10 to 25 pound salmon, the vast majority of them in the month of May, and sometimes into June. When the season is open, all the usual spring fishing rigs work here. Steelhead fishing takes a backseat to salmon fishing here, despite some very generous plants of hatchery steelhead smolts. Steelheading is allowed in all months except April and May. Check your rules and regulations pamphlet.


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