Hoquiam River


Winter Steelhead, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Chum Salmon, Sea-Run Cutthroat, Piling Perch, Seaperch
Flows into the east end of Grays Harbor at Aberdeen
Take U.S.101 north from Hoquiam for about five miles, to parallel the west side of the river. East Hoquiam Road out of Hoquiam parallels the East Fork of the Hoquiam and provides good access.
A boat ramp is located on the east fork of the Hoquiam and seceral places to fish from the bank are scattered along all forks. Food, gas, lodging, and tackle are found just a few minutes away in Hoquiam or Aberdeen.
How to fish the Hoquiam River:
Although it’s stocked with a few hatchery steelhead smolts and is open for fall salmon fishing, the Hoquiam doesn’t fit into any category of a hot spot. Locals catch a few winter steelhead when the conditions are right, and the fall coho fishery is even less impressive. Sea-Run Cutthroats offer more action, and the Department of Fish and Wildlife releases hatchery Cutts here to enhance the opportunities for the fishermen. If you decide to take a trout or two for dinner, be sure that they are fin-clipped hatchery fish, release all wild fish.
The piers, bridges, and old pilings at the mouth of the Hoquiam offer decent perch fishing on an incoming tide, but few anglers fish for them. Both pile-perch and striped sea-perch are available.


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