Hoko River

Winter-Run Steelhead, Resident and Sea-Run Cutthroats
Enters the Straight of Juan de Fuca just west of Sekui
Take Highway 112 about two miles past Sekui and turn left on Hoko-Ozette Road, which parallels most of the river.
Food, gas, and lodging are located in the town of Clallam Bay/Sekui
Fishing the Hoko River:
December and January are usually the top months to fish this small river for steelhead especially in it lower reaches from the upper Hoko Bridge downstream to the rivers mouth. Runs of adult fish from hatchery plants totaling about 25,000 smolts a year peak during these months.
On the upper Hoko, which is open to catch and release fly-fishing only, anglers take steelhead throughout the winter, but the month of March can be very productive. Those fly-fishing regulations apply throughout the year.
Sea-Run Cutthroat fishing is best throughout the river in October, but there are Sea-Runs to be found in the river from August through December. Remember to release all wild cutthroat



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