Green River


Winter and Summer Steelhead, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Chum Salmon, Sea-Run Cutthroat
Flows into Elliot Bay and the Puget Sound at Seattle
Take Highway 167 to Highway 18 and drive east through Auburn to Green Valley Road. Turn right (east) along the river. To fish the lower parts of the river, follow Highway 167 between Auburn and Kent and take any of the several crossroads of the freeway to reach the river. The Meeker Street exit for example, will take you to some deep pools right along the freeway.
Food, gas, lodging, tackle, can be found anywhere in the Kent and Auburn areas.
Fishing the Green River:
Once one of Washington’s top winter steelhead rivers, the Green has been a tough nut for anglers to crack in the recent years. It hasn’t even made the top 10 among the state’s winter steelhead streams. Although it is planted with nearly 20,000 winter steelhead smolts annually, the winter catch has been hovering around the 1,000 fish in recent years. When winter steelhead are in the Green, the stretch from Kent upstream to the Flaming Geyser State Park is one of the most popular among anglers. Several good bank-fishing spots are found along Green River Road, which runs along the east side of thge river from Kent to Auburn. Green Valley Road, which runs upriver several miles east of Auburn, is also a good bet for access to lots of potentially productive steelhead water. One of the favorite fishing spots along the stretch is immediately upstream and downstream from the Highway 18 bridge. To reach it, take the Green Valley Road exit of Highway 18 and turn left almost immediately into the gravel parking area between the road and the river. A trail leads downriver, under the bridge. There’s nothing special you need to know about fishing for Green River winter Steelhead. When it’s low and clear you can take fish on small spoons and metal-finish spinners, and during normal flows you can fish roe, shrimp, bobbers, and all the other offerings you might through at a winter fish on your favorite stream. One thing you cant do here is fish from a boat. You can use a drift boat for transportation, but if you want to fish you will have to beach the boat and fish from the shoreline. The boat-fishing regulation doesn’t apply during the summer season, and many anglers launch their boats near the Whitney Bridge or farther upstream at Flaming Geyser State Park and make the day-long float down to the Highway 18 bridge. Fishing for steelhead holds up pretty well on the Green throughout the summer, with decent catches from June-August. While the Green River Valley Road area is a favorite with many summer steelheaders, the waters further upstream, near the rearing ponds at Palmer, are also productive for summer-runs. Fall salmon fishing can also be productive on the Green River (check your rules and regulations first). Fishing between Auburn and Kent seem to be the best producing areas. Once a good Chinook producer, the river is now closed to Chinook fishing, but Coho can be fun in October. The usual metalic spoons and spinners will work here. Fall is the fishing time for Sea-Run Cutthroats, but remember to release all wild fish. November can be quite productive for fishing Chum salmon, fishing with anything green or chartruese.


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