Elochoman River

Winter and Summer Run Steelhead, Chinook and Coho Salmon, Sea-Run Cutthroat, and the home of Washington States freshwater Chinook Salmon Record at: 68.26 lbs by Mark Salmon October 5, 1992
Joins the Columbia River at Cathlamet
Take Highway 4 to about a mile west of Cathlamet and turn right onto Highway 407
Food and Gas are available in Cathlamet
Fishing the Elochoman:
Despite its small size, the Elochoman regulary ranks among the state’s top winter steelhead producers. During the 90’s it would give up between 1,500-6,000 steelhead during the winter months. The vast amount caught by anglers are of the hatchery orgin, The Beaver Creek Hatchery is about 6 miles upstream from the mouth, and it releases about 100,000 winter steelhead smolt a year into the river. December and January are the best months to fish this watershed. The worthwhile tiny river produces 200-300 summer run steelhead in the months of June-September when the river is still running high. By August and September the river is so low and clear that outsmarting one of the spooky ocean run fish becomes a real challenge. As with many western Washington streams, fall means salmon and Sea-Run Cutthroat fishing on the Elochoman. Anglers should check the regulations, especially where Chinook Salmon are concerned, but October and November Coho fishing can be productive. The state stocks the Elochoman with between 30,000 and 40,000 Sea Run Cutthroat smolts in the Elochoman every year, helping to provide excellent fall trout fishing. You must release all wild/native Sea-Run Cutthroat.


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