Benson Lake, Mason County

Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat, Large Mouth Bass
Stocking Information:
Every spring the lakes gets a plant of 6,000 legal-sized rainbows and a few very large cutthroat.In a April of 2012 they planted 170 14″-16″ rainbows as part of the triploid program.
Southwest of Allyn, in Mason County
Take Highway 3 north from Shelton or south from Belfair and turn west on Mason Lake County Park Road. Turn left on East Benson Road and almost immediately turn right into the public access area on the lake.
The gravel access area on the east side of the lake has a gravel boat launch.There is also room for about 6 bank anglers. The WDFW access has a boat launch and two toilets.
Internal combustion engines are prohibited by county ordinance.
Fishing Method:
This 80 acre lake just east of Mason Lake drops off steeply from the bank and both sides of the lake providing bank anglers a good opportunity to catch trout. Sometimes there are so many bank anglers it is tough to use the boat launch. Typical trout fishing methods would apply, with bass fishermen using crankbaits working the docks.


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