Beaver Lake, Skagit County

Cutthroat Trout, Large Mouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Brown Bullhead Catfish
Stocking Information:
No information from WDFW
South of Sedro Woolley.
Take I-5 north just past Mt.Vernon and turn east on college way (Highway 538). Drive four miles to Highway 9, turn north (left), and drive to Walker Valley Road, Turn right again and drive about 1.5 miles to the lake.
The WDFW maintains a public access area with a boat ramp and toilets on the lake’s west side. The nearest stores arin Sedro Wooley, or Mt. Vernon.
Fishing Information:
A fishermen’s testimonial:Had Beaver Lake all to myself Friday morning and had one of my best bass fishing days of the year. The fog was so thick I could cast farther than I could see. This place was alive, I could hear fish surfacing everywhere. I worked weightless plastic worms along the pad edges. Ended up with 22 total largemouth total from 5Am to 9AM. After the sun came out and the fog went away the bass bite died down. The highlights of the trip included one pig just over 7 pounds (23″), and I caught a 5 pounder (21″) within 15 feet of it 10 minutes later. They looked healthy. This all happened withing the first 1/2 hour of fishing! Later I caught a 4 pounder and a couple 2’s…the rest of the bass were smaller. Sorry about the fuzzy pics. I have an old cell phone and the fog didn’t help. I was shaking with the big one, it was my fourth cast of the day. It spun me around in my little boat 3 times as I held on. When I got it next to the boat it wouldn’t open its mouth. As I tried to force my fingers in its mouth and it took off again. Somehow it didn’t come off and I didn’t miss boatside on the 2nd try for that thick lower lip. I did manage to get 30 seconds of HD video of each of the 3 hawgs while in my grasp measuring and weighing, and of their releases. All bass C&R’d as usual. An incredible morning of fishing that I will never forget!
Fishing Method:
The lake is no more than 10 feet deep at best. Typical worm/slip sinker set-up for cutthroat, and bass methods are best.
Open year around


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