Beaver Lake, King County

Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat, Small Mouth Bass, Yellow Perch, and Brown Bullhead Catfish
Stocking Information:
This lake is the #2 stocked lake in the state with triploid plants, pan size 9″-13″ trout, and fingerlings. November 2012 Beaver Lake was stocked with 2,500 triploids from a local hatchery.
Northwest of Fall City, King County
Take interstate 90 to Issaquah and drive north out of town on Issaquah Fall City Road. Signs pointing north about three miles out of town lead the way to the lake, which is 1.5 miles north of the Issaquah Fall City Road.
Two of the lakes are accessible to boat anglers, and the largest of the three has a WDFW public access with ramp and toilets located near the southeast corner. The lake can also be accessed through Beaver Lake Park (City of Sammamish) across the lake form the WDFW boat ramp.
Fishing Method:
Long a favorite of King County trout anglers and stocked liberal doses of hatchery rainbows every spring. Beaver has also gained a well-deserved reputation for its large mouth bass fishing. This is actually a chain of small lakes, with the largest of the bunch getting the bulk of the attention from anglers. The smaller lakes at either end of the big lake, though, are also worth investigating, especially for bass, and pan-fish. The best trout fishing is in May-September, while the top months for the bass, perch, and bullheads are in the mid-summer months. Basic trout fishing methods would apply here. Worms, powerbait, and or marshmellows.
Open Year Around


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