Angle Lake

Species:Rainbow Trout, Small Mouth Bass, Crappie, Yellow Perch
Stocking Information:This lakke is planted numerous times a year. It is in the top 5 (triploid) stocked lakes in Western Washington. It also once to twice a year in stocked with thousands of fingerling trout, and pan sized 9″-13″ trout. I have caught many holdovers in the 17″-18″ range.
Location:King County 1 mile southeast of Seatac Airport, on the east side of Highway 99.
Directions:So.Orilla Road exit off of I-5
Facilities:Small boat launch, limited parking on weekends, and summer days.
Fishing Method:My family has had property on the lake since the early 1920’s. I have fished the lake for over 40 years and I find that a simple Wedding Band spinner followed by a worm works the best. I troll as close to the docks on the lake as possible. My favorite spot is the southwesten corner of the lake. Most people fish from shore with a slip sinker, 36″-48″ leader, followed with a worm, powerbait, and or marshmellows.
Season:Year Around


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