Badger Lake, Spokane County

Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Small Mouth Bass
Stocking Information:
Twice a year Badger Lake is given 750 triploid trout, with other plants of pan-size, and fingerlings.
Location:Spokane County
From Cheney, go south on Cheney Plaza Road to Williams Lake Road, then west on Williams Lake Road to Badger Lake Road, then north on Badger Lake road 1.5 miles to Public Fishing sign.
The lake has a public access area with a very steep boat ramp where launching is sometimes a struggle. Especially at times with low water. There is a resort on the lake with tackle, moorage, and amenities. Lodging would be in Cheney.
Fishing Method:Trolling with wobbling spoons produces some good trout catches early in the spring. But when May rolls around and warmer weather this lake becomes a fly fishing mecca, with mayfly hatch. If there is a hatch, fly fishing is awesome.Historically, this is one of the best opening day trout lakes in the state. Both rainbow and cutthroat trout to 18 inches will be available for harvest. A mid-May calibaetis hatch (mayfly) can provide great dry fly fishing. Badger Lake has some of the cleanest and coldest water of any of the lakes in southern Spokane County. As a result, the trout taken from this lake provide excellent table fare and are highly recommended to the angler that likes to also eat their catch.

Illegal introductions of largemouth and smallmouth bass in this lake have limited the success of the trout fishery the past few years. Unfortunately the selfishness of a few “Bucket Biologists” has limited the overall quality of this trout fishery. In the near future WDFW will propose and implement fish management actions to correct the bass issue in this lake.

Last Sat in April through September 30.


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