Westport August 23-27

The fishing this last week was absolutely terrible, not only our 3 boats but the whole fleet including the charters. The water temperature has done something to the fish, whether the salmon are off-shore 100 miles or what, nobody knows. The ocean surface temperature is normally in the 48-52 degree range, this year places have reached 60 degrees, which explains why the Albacore Tuna are 15 miles of the coast. So we fished the surf in front of the Quinault Casino in waters of only 20 foot deep. The surf was big and wild, reaching 15 foot seas at times. So to make matters worse between the 3 boats we managed 6 fish in 3 days in the ocean, and fishing with some serious veterans, leading the way Washington state PSA president Ron Garner. On Ron’s boat we fished 9 hours on Friday and boating only 2 fish. Last year we averaged 6-8 each day with fish in the 25-40 lb. range. We did fish Willipa Bay with a little success, and some good crabbing, with limits a plenty. Here is a picture of the fish we caught Sunday.










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