Baker Lake Sockeye



Glenn (L), Martin, Karl and Mark (R) with some tasty sockeye!



I was lucky enough to be able go up and fish for most of the outing.  When I got to Baker Lake, I found that the fishing had slowed for a number of reasons.  The fish had been in the lake for a while and they had already seen a lot of gear.  In addition, the lake’s surface water temperature had risen to 67 degrees.

The good news is that Glenn H., the Eastside Chapter’s fishing leader for this outing, had found a solution.  He switched from the standard hoochie rig to Brad’s Super Bait Mini Cut Plug.

He rigged the Brad’s Cut Plug with a 14 and ½ inch leader with two size 2/0 red hooks.  We soaked the sponge that fits inside the Cut Plug with Kokanee scent and put a small piece of dyed coon stripe shrimp on the top hook.  We fished this rig behind a size “0” dodger.   We used several dodger finishes but the prism tape finish was the most consistent producer.

The rig we used. Plus, a second Cut Plug open showing the scent soaked pad.
The “Hot Pink” color Cut Plug was what we started with but we found that “Hot Red” and Red Glitter” worked equally well.  This was important because the sockeye were attacking the Cut Plugs with such ferocity that they were breaking the leaders.

Fishing each day was a little different as the sockeye moved around.  However, there were several constants.  We trolled as slow as we could, often deploying two “drift socks”.  We tried to keep the speed between 0.8 and 1.0 MPH.  In addition, 45 feet down on the downrigger was the most consistent depth.  Lastly, there seem to two distinct “bite times”.  The first was between 7 and 9 in the morning and the other was between 11 am and 1 pm.

The sockeye we boated averaged between 5 and 6 pounds.  Using the Brad’s Mini’s, most days we had lots of action with even a double header one day!  We hooked way more fish then needed to earn our limits but with sockeye’s tendency to roll, twist and jump we lost many of the fish.


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